Is there any alternative to a playpen?

Playpens are hugely popular with parents as they allow for the provision of a safe environment for the child without too much trouble. It is a great way of giving them room without allowing them into potentially dangerous parts of the house.

Playpens will often come with a base mat on which your child can play and they will generally have some sort of lockable gate to allow access. However, in some homes a playpen might not seem appropriate. Depending where your furniture is and how much space you have, a playpen might get in the way a bit. Fortunately, there is another option and you don’t even need a different product.

Most playpens will also double up as room dividers. The principle is the same, in that a barrier is created that will prevent your child from roaming into areas you don’t want them, but rather than being a complete enclosure, a room divider simply cuts off part of the room.

As mentioned above, this approach can be helpful in smaller rooms that cannot accommodate a whole playpen, but it is also of use in larger rooms as it allows you to give your child more space in which to play. In some cases, add-on panels allow you to create a room divider that is 9m long, which is certainly big enough for any home.

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